The EATSET Device


With limited resources, innovative low cost interventions such as the Eat Set Device which are suited to the needs of the people and which emphasise the upliftment of the standards of living should be promoted for accelerated development”.

Supporting Research And Development

The Emergency Auto Blood transfusion device EATSET which is receiving attention world-wide, developed by the Emergency Blood Transfusion Research Project is a timely device. As we review experiences and results obtained from the pre-terminal stages of clinical trials of the device, UNDP is pleased to have provided the financial resources for research, development and testing of the technology. UNDP is proud of the achievements of this project and will see its development through to the stage of commercialization.

Towards this, we have already given our commitment in principle to assist with securing the patent and intellectual property rights of the inventor.


Brigadier General Dr Oviemo Ovadje started the EASET project in 1989 with a meagre sum of N 18,000 Eighteen thousand Naira ($120) The main organizations that have been behind the success of Eat-Set are the United Nations  Development  Programme (UNDP) and the Federal Government of  Nigeria. The World Health Organization acted as an executing agency in the developmental phase of the device.

Right from the inception of the project the UNDP and the Federal Government provided support for research, development and testing of the technology.

The UNDP & Government assisted securing the patent trade marks and  intellectual rights of the inventor.
The Federal Government has provided an environment conducive for a project of immense importance as this to grow. Financial assistance has been provided in many ways by the Federal Government and various workshops to facilitate awareness in this area of health have been organized. 
The project however needs more support to fulfill its objective of providing appropriate devices for developing countries.