Dr. Babashola Chinsman, Resident Representative, United Nations Development Program

The equipment will enable doctors to intervene promptly in situations demanding urgent blood transfusion to patient from internal bleeding. This method of blood transfusion, we perceive will help to eliminate fear of acquiring AIDS and other blood borne infection since a patient would receive his/her own blood. In addition, the device will reduce maternal death resulting in from blood less in ectopic pregnancy. We are pleased to be assisting as the funding agency of this project, which is being executed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

At this juncture, it is however appropriate to mention that Nigeria’s scale and diversity requires UNDP’s intervention to be strategic in their targeting and suitably diverse so that the greatest capacity building effect can be hard in achieving a long run impact. UNDP recognizes that this catalytic effect will be greatest if program and project designs are highly specific with respect to identifying and serving its target group taking into account the Global concern of UNDP which include poverty alleviation and participatory approaches to sustainable human development; environment and natural resources management; women in development; technical co-operation among developing countries; 

management of the developing process; transfer and adaptation of technology. It is in this context therefore that the 4th UNDP Country program for Nigeria (1992-96) has been prepared in ten sectors and is being implemented in nine of them. It is a five year framework that reflects the views of the Federal Government of Nigeria regarding how best to utilize UNDP assistance for the achievement of the priority national development objectives.

UNDP is proud of the achievement of EAT-SET which is an appropriate technology which is very remarkable particularly during this period of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations

Dr. Babashola Chinsman

Resident Representative

United Nations Development Program

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