Prof. G.O. Ezekwe, FAS, Vice Chairman, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, Lagos, Nigeria 19th May 1995

In his address to Nigerian Scientists in 1988, the President, Commander in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Ibrahim Babangida, GCFR, put before the nation the urgent task for the pursuit of technological self-reliance in these words:- “We have been in the doldrums for too long. Now is the time to reach out to the world. Now is the time to show that we too have scientists that can make life worth living. We can no longer sit without making any positive moves and have technology discovered and delivered to us. It is our dedication and conviction in ourselves that will earn us the technology we require to move ahead”.

The above statement contains the concept and motivation required for indigenous and sustainable technological competence is only reliably achieved by a people’s own effort. No country has achieved real economic progress by total dependence on other countries for its technological needs. Technology transfer does not work and will not succeed in entrenching enduring technological capability in the nation. A policy of technology acquisition and adaptation is what is required and is indicated by commonsense, because the world is replete with technologies which have been proven over a long time; and which are available for adoption by any people who are prepared to undergo the discipline of acquiring theoretical and practical competence in the use of such technology.

The National Agency for Science and Engineering infrastructure was established in 1992 by Decree 33 of that year; the main objective being the establishment of a science and engineering infrastructure which pre-requisite for indigenous and sustainable science and technology development. The Agency strives to implement the national science and engineering development program which will in turn ensure the availability of the required technically trained manpower, the basic workshop machinery, engineering raw materials, engineering accessories, and utilities required for indigenisaton of science and technology in Nigeria.

The development of the EAT-SET is a commendable achievement in technology adaptation and clearly points the way we should go. The advantages of this device include its structural simplicity, low cost and efficiency. I wish to congratulate the innovator Lt.col. (DR.)O.O Ovadje and Mr. Claude Fell for a job well done.

Prof. G.O. Ezekwe, FAS,
Vice Chairman, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, Lagos Nigeria

19th May 1995

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